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About Conservative Yard Signs

It’s Time for Conservative and Center-Right Americans to Make Their Voices Heard!

America was built on a strong foundation of timeless principles and fundamental rights: Liberty, Freedom, Equality, Family, Self-Governance, Patriotism. We have not always lived up to these ideals, but we have done far better job than any other country in world history.

Today, these founding principles are under attack by the extreme Left, who have a very different vision for America. We think the far Left has gone too far, taking extreme positions that go against American principles.

Various leaders are now saying – out loud – that they want to defund the police, re-institute racism, censor ideas they don’t agree with, erase US history, open our borders, facilitate election fraud, and radically transform the way we generate and use energy. These are extreme ideas, and we don’t think too many Americans actually agree with them.

We started seeing some colorful “We Believe” signs pop-up in our neighborhoods. In isolation, no one could disagree with their “feel good” slogans. However, each one is a “dog whistle” to a far-Left cause.

For instance, everyone agrees that black lives matter. However, according to the Heritage Foundation, the Black Lives Matter organization is Marxist and in favor of disrupting the nuclear family structure, abolishing all police and prisons, radical redistribution of wealth, reparations for slavery, and retroactive decriminalization of drug-related expenses. “Water is Life” is a slogan that gives aid-and-comfort to radical environmental activists. “Love is Love” can easily be interpreted as opposition to religious freedom and support for the extreme transgender movement. You get the picture.

So, we decided to make conservative yard signs that center-right folks like us would be proud to put in front of our homes and businesses. We know there are far more people like us who love America – despite its faults – than those who hate America and want to tear it all down.

We want to help other conservatives like you show your family, your neighbors, and local businesses that timeless American values still count. One way to do that is to proudly display one of our yard signs. We thank you for your support.